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  • A Pole Tent is designed to be used on dirt or grassy areas where staking is possible. A pole tent has side and center poles. A pole tent requires staking in order to assemble the tent. It’s not suitable to put a pole tent on concrete or most hard surfaces.

  • A Frame Tent is free standing structure and can be set-up on all surfaces (grass, gravel, asphalt or concrete and can be anchored with stakes, water barrels, or concrete blocks. A frame tent does not have any center poles.
  • Yes, tent pricing includes set up and take down of the tent(s).
  • Yes, we do offer water barrels, concrete blocks as an alternative to staking, at an additional cost.

  • The customer is responsible for providing access to a working water spigot within 150Ft. of the tent(s) for the water barrels.
  • No, our tents are priced without sidewalls. Most summer events do not require them. Sidewalls are available in solid white, and windowed.


  • Yes. A blower keeps air in the inflatable unit, once unplugged it will deflate. We require an outlet within 125 feet of the unit or a generator. Longer cords can trip your circuit breaker so we bring our own heavy duty cords.
  • We can set up on grass (our favorite and best for the kids), dirt, asphalt, and concrete. We can´t set up on any type of rocks, other than pea stone that isn’t sharp. If being set-up on a surface where we cannot stake make sure that sandbags are on your order. They are rented for an additional fee.

  • Waterslides can only be set-up on grass or dirt.
  • Yes and no. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units. Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time. If this happens please alert us at once so we can fix the situation. If however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence (i.e. not turning off the blower in high winds) you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower etc which can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Yes! All of our units are cleaned thoroughly. We are committed to making sure that your children are playing in a clean, well maintained, and safe environment. After each rental, every unit is thoroughly cleaned by commercial vinyl cleaners, disinfected, and sanitized. Once the unit is clean, it will be inspected to ensure cleanliness.

Delivery and Payment

  • Standard delivery is Monday – Saturday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • We schedule deliveries in 3 Hour Windows of time, and call 30 minutes prior to arriving with-in your delivery.

  • We typically deliver rental items 1-2 days prior to your event and pick up 1-2 days after the event.

  • Additional charges may apply for any of the following circumstances: Sundays, Holidays, specific day and/or time requests, transport to floors other than ground floor, same day or multiple trips due to the amount or equipment.

  • If rental items need to be brought up outside stairs additional charges may apply.
  • Yes our delivery fees our listed on our Service Page.
  • We accept all major credit cards.

  • We also accept cash or check.

  • Yes, to reserve an order we require a minimum of 25% deposit or full payment based on the order date & event date.

  • Pricing for most items is based on a 1-2 day rental period. We typically deliver the items 1-2 days prior to your event and pick up 1- 2 days after the event.

General Questions

  • Yes and No

  • For orders with a tent, the set-up of the tables under the tent is included, we will typically leave the chairs stacked in the center of the tent (s)

  • Pricing for tables and chairs (with-out a Tent) does not include set-up. They will be stacked neatly in an easily accessed area. We also will not carry tables and chairs into a residential household due to liability reasons. If requested we will bring them into a garage, or commercial property.

  • We do offer set up for an additional fee, of $2 per table and $1 per chair.

  • We cannot be responsible for the weather conditions. If the order is cancelled because of weather, all of the cancellation terms remain in place.

  • We ask you to leave everything under the tent and stack the equipment as it was delivered. If you do not have a tent, we ask that you leave everything accessible for the pick-up crew in the same location as it was delivered. If the items are not accessible when the crew arrives, there may be an additional delivery charge to return and pick up the equipment.
  • Please shake out loose debris and place the dirty linens in the provided bin and either leave it under the tent if one was rented or with the tables and chairs.
  • As for our cancellation policy, we need at least a 30 Day notice of any cancellation for a full refund. If an order or item is cancelled within 30 days of an event, the 25% down deposit is forfeited for the Order or (Item).

  • Cancellation policy also includes partial cancellations. For example if 50% of your order is cancelled within 30 days of your event, the 25% deposit is forfeited for those items.

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