Tent Sidewall Rental Pictures

Tent Sidewall Pictures And Prices

7ft Tall Sidewall Sizes and Prices ( Used on all tents except for high peak frame tents)

-30ft Long Solid Sidewall———$37.5

-20ft Long Windowed Sidewall —$30

-30ft Long Windowed Sidewall- $45

-40ft Long Windowed Sidewall –$60

8ft Tall Sidewall Sizes and Prices (Used on high peak frame tents only)

-15ft Long Solid Sidewall———$18.75

-20ft Long Solid Sidewall ——-$25

-30ft Long Solid Sidewall——- $37.5

-15ft Long Windowed Sidewall –$22.5

-20ft Long Windowed Sidewall –$30

-30ft Long Windowed Sidewall –$45

-Side walls are priced by the linear foot.

– Solid sidewalls are great for blocking out unsightly views.

-If it’s raining and the rains coming down at an angle, sidewalls will prevent anything under the tent from getting wet.

– During the cold months they are used to keep the heat in.

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